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Who We Are

The First Contact Tech (formerly JingBun Precision Technology Co., Ltd.) is located in Taichung City and was established in June 2006. With the goal of continuously pursuing growth to become a leading manufacturer of image inspection, we are committed to expanding the global sales landscape and building a more comprehensive sales and service network. The First Contact Tech team is increasingly strong and continues to bring customers excellent products and services that can be trusted.

Products and Customers distribution 

The main product of The First Contact Tech is focused on a chip-type electronic component visual inspection system. Suitable for passive element resistance, inductance, capacitance (RLC) and semiconductor, LED (Light-Emitting Diode), diode and other die-type components. With the efforts of the team, various die component visual inspection machines have been successfully developed and adopted by major domestic manufacturers. The major factories using are as follows:
◆ Passive components:
Yageo Group: Yageo, Chilisin, Wangquan;
Huaxin Group: Huaxin Technology, Xinchang, Jiabang;
King Core, Thinking, Ta-i Technology
◆ LED: Osram, Everlight Electronics, AOT, Lextar
◆ Semiconductor: ShunSin, Lingsen, ACET, Karson, Panjit etc.
The company's customers are globlewide. At present, the company takes ca.70% of the market share of appearance inspection machines in Taiwan. The overseas market footprint covers China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Japan ... etc. The First Contact Tech has a professional R&D team with more than ten years of experience. The team has obtained a number of patents for the products, in-house developed software, circuit design and self-developed light sources. Its user-friendly interface and high-customized detection capabilities, high speed, accuracy, and stability, bring the highest added value to the high-precision electronics industry.
The team is developing cross-industry appearance screening machines for tablets, capsules, neodymium iron boron, and provides professional customized designs to provide customers with the best solutions.

All employees of The First Contact Tech adhere to the spirit of continuous learning, growth and pursuit of progress; with the highest goal of providing customer satisfaction services, pursuing common growth with customers, sustainable operation, and continuously moving towards "the best choice of global appearance inspection equipment manufacturers.