Machine features
The carrier tape inspection machine uses the servo motor to drive the pin wheel, and then uses the CCD to judge the image and software, and to classify OK and NG, so as to achieve the purpose of appearance inspection and replace the shortcomings of traditional manual visual inspection. It is not only fast, but also has consistent standards. And will not miss.

The paper tape/plastic tape can be shared, equipped with a zoom lens, changing the chip specification only needs to adjust the magnification without changing the lens, and manual visual confirmation can be performed when it is NG.

  • Inspection Items
  • Machine Spec
  • Inspection materials: LED of various specifications (TOP VIEW; SIDE VIER… ); semiconductor chips of various specifications (QFN; ODFN; SMA; LTCC…); various passive components (resistors, resistors, capacitors, capacitors, inductors, inductors, winding line inductance).
  • Inspection size: 8mm ~ 16mm
  • Inspection defects: various size inspections, various damaged and missing corner inspections, various text and graphic inspections; air bubbles, copper leakage, sundries, contamination, tin staining, electrode damage, long tails, missing soldering, missing wires, excess glue, lack of glue, connection tin.
  • Inspection sides: TOP station detection (single station); TOP, Bottom detection (dual station); TOP, Bottom detection (dual station barrel, for large objects)
  • Throughput: Paper tape 3000 pcs/min (depending on material size and testing items); plastic tape 1200pcs/min (depending on material size and testing items)
  • Resolution: 1~50μm/pixel (300,000 pixels, 1.3 million pixels, 2.3 million pixels, depending on camera resolution, lens magnification and chip size).
  • CCD: Color high-speed CCD 640*480 pixels; CCD 1280*960 pixels; CCD 1920*1200 pixels.
  • Lighting: LED bulbs (different light sources are supplied depending on the material).
  • Power supply: 1PH 3ϕ 220V 50/60Hz.
  • Machine dimensions: L55 X D110 X H196 cm (including the height of the three-color lamp).
  • Machine weight: 150kg