Software Detection Interface
  • Customized software, customized service.
  • You can modify the settings by yourself, and the operation is simple and flexible.
  • R&D designs various image processing algorithms and various accurate defect inspections.
  • Real-time inspecting images is able to improve the process.
Light Resource Detection

  • The customized light source, design the most suitable light source for different products
  • Multi-color, multi-angle, high brightness, accurately highlight product defects
  • The number of flashes is 1 billion times, and the lifespan is super long
AI application

  • Improve the shortcomings of traditional algorithms
  • Combined with external testing expertise to improve accuracy
  • Unsupervised learning
Patent design
  • Pulse wave high-pressure material guide system of external inspection machine
    —Material spacing is stable and non-sticky
  • Appearance machine mechanism that can quickly replace the glass plate
    —It only takes 3 minutes to replace the glass plate
  • The light source device of electronic component appearance inspection machine
    —Highly customized strobe light source with long service life
  • The material guide device of the electronic component appearance inspection machine
    —The materials are arranged neatly and not skewed
  • Appearance Inspection Machine for Cylindrical Electronic Components
    —Solving the Difficulty in Inspection of Cylindrical Components