Machine features
  • MIT design, manufacturing, assembly, and service.
  • 360° full-circle inspection for seamless exterior inspection.
  • Detection capability for both transparent and non-transparent capsules.
  • Text recognition on capsule.
  • Customized light source inspection.
  • Combined with AI inspection to improve the detection rate.
  • Designed in compliance with GMP manufacturing standards.
  • Materials meet FDA standards.
  • Quick and easy changeover and disassembly.
  • Highly reliable and accurate discharge system.
  • The inspection space is clean and free of dead angles.
  • Parts are washable.
  • Dust collection box design to avoid affecting inspection due to dust.
  • Self-developed light source and software, and circuit design.
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation interface.
  • Independent color image processing.
  • Digitalization of product inspection parameters for quick adaptation to different products.
  • Multiple inspection protection mechanism ensures product quality.
  • Classification of inspection results for easy production process adjustment.
  • Inspection scope
  • Hardware module
  • Software functionality
  • Appearance, size, electrical


  • Applicable capsules:Colored capsules, transparent capsules
  • Capsule types:#00、#1、#2、#3、#4capsules
    Beyond the standard capsule form; can be evaluated by the business.
  • Inspection content:
    Surface defects:double heads, uncombined, length measurement, width measurement, dirt, cracks, fragments, bubbles, foreign objects, etc., customized defect detection.
    Printing defects: missing characters, broken characters, fuzzy fonts, printing offset, and unprinted characters.
  • Inspection surface:360° circular and double-end surface
  • Inspection precision:25μm
  • Inspection speed:60,000pcs/hour

Optical and software processing system

  • Optical module:Uses high-power LED light source and high-reliability industrial-grade camera for inspection (customizable station according to demand)
  • Human-machine interface:7" color touch panel
  • Inspection software:Self-developed inspection software
  • Inspection function:Independent color image processing,Digitization of product inspection parameters,Classification of inspection results
  • Diagnostic function:Multiple detection self-protection mechanisms,Visual inspection status monitoring
  • Appearance dimensions:2150W×800D×2050H(mm)
  • Power supply:220V(three-phase)
  • Air pressure:0.5MPa or higher
  • Temperature/humidity:Temperature: 10~30℃/Humidity: below 30-60% RH (recommended operating temperature)
  • External material:SUS304、SUS316