The First Contact Tech Co., Ltd (TFCT) is a professional manufacturer of automatic optical visual inspection machines/tape inspection machines. We have a professional R&D design team, focusing on innovative research and new technology development. The products focus on the appearance inspection system of chip-type electronic components, which are suitable for Passive Components (Resistor, Inductor, Capacitor) and Semiconductors, LED (Light-Emitting Diode), Diode, and other Chip-Type Components (Wafer type components).

AOI Inspection —

TFCT focuses on the inspection of appearance defects, with the mission of satisfying customers' pickiness. It can extract qualified products from inspected products and remove defective products, replacing the shortcomings of manual inspection and being able to detect defects. Classification for process improvement and defective product analysis.

Combination of AI & AOI Tech —

TFCT also has artificial intelligence (AI) inspection, especially in the loss of dark cracks, shallow scratches, text, shallow peeling, edge R corner damage, etc., the effect of using AI inspection is particularly remarkable. Combine AI with automatic appearance inspection (AOI) technology, and combine the strengths of the two to improve the detection rate.

In addition, except for the bowl feeder feeding mode in the mechanism, TFCT can also match trays, tubes, reels, and other loading and unloading methods, according to the customer's process product carrier requirements Perform mechanism loading and unloading to widely upgrade the application of automatic visual defect inspection.